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About Holsom Heart Designs

The things you buy should be about quality, not quantity made! That's what makes them special!

Here at Holsom Heart Designs, all items are made to be unique and as one-of-a-kind as people themselves are. On occasion, if I find an exceptional piece of fabric, I may make more than one item (6 to 12 sometimes) with that fabric, but no two will ever be exactly alike. There is care taken in making each one.

I've always enjoyed receiving as well as giving a handmade item, whether it's made by the person giving it or if they bought it from a craft vendor. Those items mean something so much more special than buying mass produced.

I have been sewing for 40 years, having been taught by my Grandmother. Since then I have gone from sewing for my Barbies to making clothes for school and my mom, to making my wedding dress. I've sewn for all four of our kids, one boy, who's the oldest, and three girls, two of which are twins, including more skating dresses designed by my girls than I can count!

I belong to a quilting group at our church and volunteer at a thrift store in town where I find many materials to use.